3M Color Changing Spackle

3M Color Changing Spackle


Brand campaign for a new 3M™ DIY Wall Repair product.

Solution & Impact

Partnering with a creative director, writers, a graphic designer, and the 3M Consumer and Home Improvement Markets Division, we designed and produced an all encompassing digital and print campaign for the 3M™ High Strength Color Changing Spackling Compound. The goal was to create a solution to showcase a unique product feature that would stand out among DIY home repair products while maintaining the overarching 3M Built to Perform brand campaign. We delivered a solution that was inviting and emphasized ease of use, resonating with the DIY home owner. Managing multiple projects simultaneously under tight time constraints, we successfully launched the Amazon product store and created awareness to drive sales via diligent marketing avenues:

  • Amazon landing pages
  • Social media
  • Product catalog
  • Asset catalog
  • Print ad
  • Digital banner animation
  • POP display and merchandising

My Role

  • Visual designer
  • Digital asset creator
  • Production designer

Immersed in the ideation, design, and production processes, I was actively involved with every step of all projects, and my contribution expedited internal and external reviews. Rapid iterations exceeded client expectations and the final delivery of all marketing materials met critical due dates in order for a successful product launch.

3M Social Media ad
3M print ad
3M animated banner
3M asset catalog
3M print ad

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